Web Application Development

Bespoke web applications, based on the latest technologies

Web App or Desktop App?

You've identified that you need a custom-built application to help your business run. There are 2 main paths to go down: a web application or a desktop application.

Traditionally, software houses would build desktop applications to suit your needs and these worked fine but came with some drawbacks:

It's 2022, companies are shifting away from traditional desktop applications and towards web-based applications. There are an extensive number of reasons for this trend. Reasons you may be interested in are:

Why Us?

We specialise in building highly functional web-based applications using market-leading technologies, such as React, Angular, MongoDB, Docker, and Kubernetes.

We have experience ranging from basic single page applications to complex, feature-rich, multi-page applications.

Our business runs on multiple bespoke web apps. Occasionally, we release these apps to the public. One example of this is TimeCatcher, a customisable, mobile-friendly timesheeting application.

The knowledge we have gathered during our years of IFS integrations allows us to quickly integrate a bespoke web application with your existing systems.

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